Intro ride report by Francois 2016-06-02

03 Jun

So we all know the rules.

Ungraceful dismount means writing a ride report.

After putting my bike together I set off to go greet the other riders before the ride gets on the way, that’s when it happened…

I get off, but my bike keeps following me to the pavement!!!

My leg warmer got stuck on my seat and I ended up doing a very ungraceful fairy-spin manoeuvre to prevent a broken rear derailleur.

Hence the report.

So it’s June and the ride starts well after dark now.

Five of us disappointed the cold weather wizard and enjoyed a relaxing Intro ride.

Upon arriving Michelle frantically ran over to the other side of her can and checked that she remembered her battery.

YES.. the battery is here. Let’s go.

That is when she realised that her light is not her bike, but ride we will!

Oupa Gerrit came to the rescue with a small headlamp but since it is the intro ride it worked well.

The ride was problem free until we stopped to refuel.

While just standing still a random puncture appears and it just wont seal.

Oupa Gerrit got a plug ready and as soon as the tire saw the size of the plug it decided to stop leaking all on its own.

While packing away the big gator Oupa Gerrit picked up some extra protection but once he saw that the seal on the packaging was broken he decided that we’ll be okay without it.

I was standing on the side shedding some light on the situation when suddenly I hear an ominous hiss.

The random puncture was not defeated but it had moved to another unsuspecting victim, ME!

With a quick spin-to-win the tubeless sealant wacked the whooshhh and we could set off again.

We rolled down to the bat cave (tunnel under the hi-way) and since Batman was out riding his bike somewhere else we decided to enter.

After emerging unscathed we got on the gas and headed home.

We had to make one more stop for a quick pump and go just before the “Mielie muur” but with our previous experience it was an efficient stop.

When we got back to the cars everyone scattered before the puncture could claim another victim.

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