Ride report: Wild-to-Mild 2016-06-16

22 Jun

My invitation to join the Mild-to-Wild ride on Youth Day in order to celebrate your youth, no matter what your age, was not met with an enthusiastic response. As I was contemplating to cancel the ride, a few late WhatsApp messages arrived; one from Francois announcing that he had convinced two "victims" to join. That made the numbers look better and the ride was on.

At the stroke of seven pm at the Moo Mall, seven riders were ready. Francois’ victims turned out to be two newby ladies, Ingrid and Marli. Adnaan, Tertius and Herman made up the rest of the pack who set out with me leading and Herman sweeping.

We set out directly to the Mielemuur. Leaving Mieliemuur to go underneath the bridge on the R21, I fell victim to the rubbish with some broken bricks by not negotiating my way through it without a quick putting down of my bike. This innocent movement was immediately regarded as an "ungraceful dismount" by the riders following me. Since I make the rules, I guess I have to stick to the rules, unlike some prominent people in our dear country. That is the reason you have to struggle through this ride report.

We did the first speedzone to the second road on the left, followed by the speedzone to the T junction. After the climb to the power lines, the path through the trees, cautiously walking past the hole that resembles an unused grave, we went down the exhilarating bumpy downhill. At the bottom of that there is a very slippery section in summer-time when it is wet. But this was winter time, so no problem. Guess who forgot about the winter rain we had just two days earlier! This time it was an unmistakable ungraceful dismount leaving me flat on my side in the mud. Oh well, the ride report had been on the cards already…

The rest of the ride, including a longish ghost ride in the half-moon, went without a hitch. The two lady "victims" turned out to be all but. Back at the Moo Mall just after 9 pm, having done 31.1 km. the ride was well described by Adnaan:

Perfect coldness.
Perfect luck (no mechanicals).
Perfect meandering ride. 31km and back at 21h05.
Great stuff guys.

Oupa Gert

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