Rock-‘n-Roll 2016-11-24 ride report

27 Nov

What an interesting ride! No rain, a rocky uphill, a crash, a stumble, some more uphill, a light that keeps receding the closer you get to it, a bundu bash, a fire and a lost cell phone…

Eight riders assembled at the Moo Mall on an overcast evening with quite a high probability of rain, but we had no rain during the ride. Newbie Martie was very nervous and questioned her decision to join the ride, but in the end she did very well. As usual I briefed the group about the rules including the warning that the first ungraceful dismount would lead to the right to write a ride report.

After the finishing the rocky Dirt Rider’s hill, Marie’s nerves were calmed and she started enjoying the ride. At the top of the Mieliemuur downhill R.U.S.H I warned everyone about the patch of sand at the end of the steep cement road. Seems I did not heed my own advice as I did a very ungraceful and painful dismount when my bike slipped in the sand with Martie having to help me up.

Not much later we encountered the builder’s rubble which is rapidly expanding underneath the bridge on the R21 over the Sesmylspruit. I wonder if the newly elected Tshwane City councilors can’t do something about this issue which is spreading over almost every open space including most of our riding trails, but I’m digressing. When I stopped on top of the rubble, I stumbled and got my leg pinned in a weird way in the bike frame. Well that confirmed the writing of this report…

After four hills including the one with the light that seems to retreat and which once again tricked some newbies into tackling the speed zone to said light with too much gusto, we came to a stop having to pump a flat tyre. I decided to try and find the Holy Trail which is somewhere in that area. That meant some bundu bashing. I did find a trail, although not the right one, but by then the pumping had been done and the whole group followed me on the bundu bash which fortunately was not too far.

The next event was catching sight of a fire right at the point where our trail crossed a dirt road. As good citizens we set about extinguishing the fire by throwing sand onto it, because it could start a veld fire. A piece of paper with school notes scribbled indicated that the fire could have been caused by a matriculant burning all remnants of schooling.

No sooner had we done our good deed, than Kendall uttered some choice words as she discovered that her saddle bag containing a cell phone had been lost. What a loss, Strava would not record the ride!. Fortunately she had shared her location with her friend Christiaan, but unfortunately he only had 3% battery power left; must have been the GPS draining it. But that was enough to see the location of the lost phone some ten kilometers away close to the Moo mall. Just before the battery finally drained, Christiaan took a screen shot and send it to a few phones with more battery life left.

We set off at a brisk pace to find the phone, but what was the chance of finding it? In the process we still did the Python and the Tour de Tar speed zones and then the climb along Nellmapius before retracing our much earlier route along the Mieliemuur. Well, can you believe it? There was the blue saddle bag with the phone!

A few minutes later we completed the ride having done just under 30 km and devoured a pack of muffins to celebrate a memorable ride.

Oupa Gert

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