Intro ride report by Gerrit Holl

10 Feb

We did the night ride 2017/02/02, my first ever night ride.

I went horizontal within the first 4 km, climbing a steep hill. The problem was that I did not see the ridge on the left side at the top of a steep hill that we went down twice, and as Murphy’s law, I hit the ridge on the left at the top. Strange feeling to see the top and the next moment you taste grass!

The rest of the ride went well. We had a few emergency stops due to punctures, but we all stopped and helped the person who had the puncture.

My second horizontal issue was when we had to drive through building rubble under a bridge. This time I could not get my right foot out of the cleat, but this landing was not like the first one, I have some scratches on my leg, set concrete seems to remove the skin easily…

Overall, it was a great organized ride and I enjoyed every moment of it. Will do it as regular as possible.

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Posted by on February 10, 2017 in ride report


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