2 February intro ride 25km ride report

19 Feb

25km intro ride 2 February 2017, It was a dark and stormy night…Well not sooo dark and not stormy actually if I’m honest, though we could see lighting in the distance. We all met up at Irene Village Mall as dark & dirty rides have been doing for generations…well not human being family generations more like generations of punctures and bike washes. Riders had a quick welcoming and off we went with oupa Gert leading the route and a sweeper at the rear to keep all riders together and none too far behind.

If I recall correctly we were more or less 11 riders male and female, we rode out of the mall parking crossed Pierre van Ryneveldt road riding in a westerly direction parallel to Nelmapius rd. We rode about 2km of singletrack and joined up at this small cul de sac where the terrain changes to tarmac for a few hundred metres. Let me take you back to the single track leading up to the cul de sac, my Schwinn was shifting gears smoothly , my seat was nice and comfy, my 1000 lumens light was lighting my way in the not so dark night, there was a cool breeze in the air and my bike and myself was right side up; all was well with my soul.

We get to the cul de sac close to Thirsties pub looking forward to a nice social and relaxed evening when suddenly I realize my light is not shining dead centre in front of me; thats odd…then I realise I’m skidding across the tarmac on my right shoulder and my knee then momentum allows me to do a tumble or two, and before I know I’m standing on my feet holding my bike next to me. I doubt I landed on my feet; I most probably got up so fast that Flash himself wouldn’t have said what just happened. Sooo what happened was that my front wheel slipped out from under me on this small ledge when I moved over from gravel to pavement to tarmac to my face. Luckily my light was still working tho the lens was cracked right through, my seat broken and I was leaning to the right a lot; my knee and shoulder and ego was bruised and had roasties on, but the show must go on, so I got back on my bike really quickly and finished the 23km ride ahead.

Was really fun; everyone is always friendly an helpful with en route repairs, there are fast race sections and slower relaxed sections. Its great fun and and a must ride for all. Thanks to oupa Gert for all his commitment and dedication to this sport called MTB.

Gordon Smith

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