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Ride report: Rock-‘n-Roll ride of 2017-08-24

On the somewhat warmer, but frankly still cold, evening six knights and one damsel, mademoiselle Lele, assembled at the Moo mall, close to Spar, for the thirty kilometer Rock-‘n-Roll ride. This ride is known for plenty of up and downs. At 19h12 all the late comers were ready and the riders on their metal steeds set off into the night after the usual pep talk including the warning about the first ungraceful dismounter having to write a ride report.

The first uphill came after 2.8 km, the rocky climb known as Dirt Rider’s hill. At the top nobody was cold any more. From there it was more or less downhill all the way including down the Mieliemuur (work that one out), with Lele taking the lead on that part. Rumour has it that she recently had special downhill training in France. Going underneath the bridge on the R21, we were disgusted by some newly dumped builders rubble forcing us to do some bike porting.

The usual uphill speed zone to the second road to the left was followed by some more uphill and then the speed zone climb to the Rietvlei dam view, which was not really visible as it was dark. On the downhill that followed, we had to stop while a flat was fixed and some training was given in the handling of a bomb to inflate a tube. The uphill dash to the light surprised some newbies; that light always seems closer than it really is, punishing those who start off to enthusiastically.

On the downhill that followed I earned my author’s rights when I misjudged my distance from a tree and my handlebar was caught by a branch and I was caught making a less than graceful dismount. Then there was the downhill to the bat tunnel, a bit of uphill, a nice downhill and a climb to the top of the Smuts hill. The rocky downhill past the Smuts House elicited the comment from Lele that we were going too slowly. Well, I have seen too many riders coming second on that specific downhill…

The rest of the ride consisted of the Tour-de-Tar speed zone, the trek next to the railway track, the climb next to the N1 and finally the last downhill to the Moo mall.
Stats: Distance 29.4 km, Average speed 14.6 km, elevation 354 meters, average temperature 5℃, Min temp 2℃ (and you thought it was not cold?). Smiles: many, Thrills: plenty.

Come join us for more of the same every Thursday!

Oupa Gert.

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