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Ride report 2017-10-12

Seems I am the only one to write ride reports and I am certainly not the only one doing ungraceful dismounts. Well, I guess the one announcing the rules should stick to the rules 😦

Since we were all scared of the rain (which did not fall if I am not mistaken), we did not do the Intro ride on the first Thursday of October, so we decided to do the Intro ride instead of the more technical Dirt Flirt ride on the second Thursday.

Six riders left the Moo mall at 19h06 after confirming that Evan would not join us. Martie, who skipped the winter rides, volunteered to sweep and we set off to Xtacy Park where Martie first got a bit of a scare confronted with the drop-off, but then did it anyway on all three rounds.

After Xtacy Park there is a rocky sidewalk and I think that some new, bigger rocks must have been added recently. Whatever the case, I came a bit unstuck and earned the right to write this ride report. With my bruised ego and knee we continued, hopping over the circle, down next to the highway, next to the railway line, Python, speed zone to the tar road, up the false flat, Bat tunnel, the quite deforested forest, speed zone to the T, down to the Jukskei river, over the builders rubble (grrr!), up the Mieliemuur and home to the Moo mall.

Distance: 24.6 km, Average speed: 14.6 km/h, Elapsed time: 1:51:29, Average temperature: 12℃, Smiles: plenty!

Oupa Gert.

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Dark & Dirty rides for September 2017

The night rides have been better supported in September. Keep it up and join us for the Intro ride on Thursday. This one is intended for riders who want to try out night riding for the first time (or again), but it also caters for the fit and fast with speed zones and optional drop-offs.

Please indicate that you are coming by replying to the list or send a WhatsApp to
0736891370. There is a “Dark & Dirty night rides” WhatsApp group @ 0736891370; ask if you want to be added to it; remember to give your name as well.
–>October 5: Intro Ride. 25 km.
October 12: Dirt flirt ride 25 km.
October 19: Mild-to-Wild ride 30 km.
October 26: Rock-‘n-Roll ride 30 km.

Where: Irene Village shopping mall.We meet in the North-west corner of the parking lot close to Spur.

25°51’41.46″S, 28°14’56.94″E ( 25° 51.691’S, 28° 14.949’E)
When: Every Thursday night,
Starts 18h45 for 19h00
Website :

No Charge,
Everyone Welcome, ride at own risk.
Bring: Helmets, lights, ride snax & juice, your buddies
and some ching for beers & pizza after the ride.
SOCIAL riding group with SAFETY a Key Factor.
No-One gets left behind,

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