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Dark and Dirty rides for November 2018

Last month we did only two rides due to not getting a minimum of four riders plus me for a safe ride. Let’s try and get D&D rolling again in November.

The Intro ride on Thursday is short and not technical; good for people who want to try night riding for the first time or again and also good fun for regulars.

Please indicate that you are coming by replying to the WhatsApp. If you are not on the “Dark & Dirty night rides” WhatsApp group @ 0736891370; ask if you want to be added to it; remember to give your name and surname as well.

–>November 1: Intro Ride. 25 km.
November 8: Dirt flirt ride 25 km.
November 15: Mild-to-Wild ride 30 km.
November 22: Rock-‘n-Roll ride 25 km.
November 29: Xtra ride 25 km.

Where: Irene Village shopping mall.We meet in the North-west corner of the parking lot close to Spur.

25°51’41.46″S, 28°14’56.94″E ( 25° 51.691’S, 28° 14.949’E)
When: Every Thursday night,
Starts 18h45 for 19h00
Website :

No Charge,
Everyone Welcome, ride at own risk.
Bring: Helmets, lights, ride snax & juice, your buddies
and some ching for beers & pizza after the ride.
SOCIAL riding group with SAFETY a Key Factor.
No-One gets left behind,

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5 Gals and 2 Guys!

On Thursday September 27, we had the first Dark & Dirty ride since before the winter. Seems the riders are getting soft, there was no interest and finally I gave up inviting riders. Come September there were a few queries, but then I was away. Nobody else wanted to take the lead; claiming not to know the routes.
Two weeks ago I invited the riders, but only Heidi responded. To my surprise I had enough responses last week – all from ladies, but some offered to bring a friend along. The next surprise when I got to the Moo mall was that the friends were also ladies. Fortunately Rando also pitched and we could have a sweeper. I just don’t think it is right to have a lady sweeper and I hope the feminists won’t be unhappy about that sentiment. Unfortunately we missed Kristof’s message that he was on his way and he probably missed us by seconds.

Well, I gave the normal speech about a social ride, speed zones and the first rider performing an ungraceful dismount having to write a ride report and we were off to Xtacy Park. We encountered some new obstacles on the way, but got there without incident;at least that I know of. The drop-off int he park was especially enjoyed by one lady, I think it was Heidi, who said that she had never done one even in daylight.

From Xstacy Park we continued over the traffic circle and into the first bit of technical track. Trust me to land in a rut and earn the right to write the ride report. The track next to the railroad fence turned out to be very overgrown and we had to push our bikes. When we got to the railway line, we had the first flat for the evening. With Rando’s help and a CO2 bomb, it was quickly fixed. At Nellmapius Drive another lady got some practice in handling a CO2 bomb.

After Python single track and the cement factory we had the final flat of the evening. We then did a little detour on a rocky single track, then a bit of tar road, Bat tunnel, the bit of the forest remaining, the down-hill speed zone and the final climb along the Mielie-muur. As some riders were a bit tired by this time, I passed the turnoff and pretended to head up to the steep part, only to turn around to the relief of the ladies who were not amused. I even heard some not so ladylike language!

Back at the Moo mall after 26.5 km, most of the riders said they enjoyed it, although some thought that it was just a bit scary. Come and join us again or for the first time.

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