D&D Trailmeisters

It takes a special kind of person to volunteer as a D&D trailmeister. These fantastic folks leave their ego’s at home and take turns to lead the group on a great social adventure.

Oupa Gerrit.

Oupa Gerrit van Niekerk is a LEGEND, at 70 years of age still competing at an SA level in duathlons. Oupa is inspirational and will not be put off by the odd bit of bad weather. We ride, come rain or moonshine, especially if Oupa has anything to say about it 🙂


Eric (Gadget) Guldemond

Eric is the master of the “slow” race. I don’t know anyone who can hold their balance so well and has defeated most contenders at our slow races… but that does not mean he is schllooow by any means. Let him loose on cruiser or any of the other awesome singletracks and you will have to work to stay on his tail.

Nico (the stealth) van den Bergh

Nico is not only a great guy, but he is literally an YSTER!!! Whether he is ridning a D&D intro ride or completing the Cape Epic, he always seems to be having fun. His earned his D&D nickname by certain sneaky tactics used to whipbutt in some of our speedzones.


Jacques (The Mummy) Booysen

After earning his nick name The Mummy after a hospital trip after trying so seriously crazy bike stuff… Jacques has never stopped trying incredible things, like MTB’ng in Tibet, Rock Climbing in Vietnam, to trailrunning the ReUnion Islands. So when he is not exploring the planet, he is leading the Dark and Dirty Crew into the wild and rocky trails of the night.


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